Some of the lucky clients who've used our illustration over the years have included:






We're not animators in the true sense, but from time to time some of our clients want us to help bring their presentations to life through the use of pictures. There's something compelling about watching a drawing develop in front of your very eyes. So when one of our clients 'Play a bigger came'  came along looking to use our picture trigger skills to help their presentation we were pumped up to help.

While we can't show you the final cut with all the bells and whistles, with music and the professional voice over- we can show you this version that still does a wicked job of bringing it to life.

What is message artistry? from nils vesk on Vimeo.




 Here's a man we respect a lot. Genrich Altschuller one of the worlds most innovative patent assesors. Altschuller came to the conclusion that the most successful innovations were the ones that combined things in a way never combined before. They would take the best element of one invention and the best component from another invention in seemingly unrelated ares and bring the together to create commercial magic. Here's a little illustration of what he looks like.



A summary video of the Picture Triggers from the AREC 2011 conference.

Maximising conference R.O.I through picture triggers


What you can do with our Picture Trigger Illustrations

Here's a small video of some of our Picture trigger Illustrations of the Future Thread 2011 Conference. Rowdy McLean one of the speakers of the conference loved our illustrations so muhc he made them into a small video.