Some of the lucky clients who've used our illustration over the years have included:





Our People
- We have well over 50 years of combined experience in using illustrations to communicate messages. From designers to artists, all our illustrators have a wealth of knowledge and skill to capture your great event.

Reputation - We regularly capture many of the largest conferences held within the southern hemisphere such as AREC.

Technique - Not everyone can draw, or for that matter draw the right things. Our cartographers go through a strict training program to maintain the highest quality and standards possible.

Capturing any industry - We have yet to find an industry we can’t cater for. From high tech pharmas to fast pace finance we have the skills to capture it.


Picture Trigger Gun Illustrators

GarethGraphic designer extraordinaire produces cool pics quickly to help you remember what the event was for. Sydney based.

Paula: Paula's not just an illustrator she's also a wicked animator. So even when she's not at a conference she's still drawing. Melbourne based.


Glen: Ex advertising creative guru who's works often grace Australias best newspapers and of course our clients conferences. Genius in every stroke he makes. Sydney based.




Luke: Industrial designer by training, awesome illustrator and caricaturist. Knows what to draw hoe to draw and makes it fun too. Melbourne based.

Emily: Trained as a Landscape Architect and Planner, Emily's illustrations are fast, smart, well planned out and ensure they capture the essence of any message. Brisbane based.

Tim: Our South Australian Illustrator trained as an Industrial designer. Tim captures the nuts and bolts of your event in a fun memorable way. When he's not illustrating for us he's designing all kinds of gadgets and things. Adelaide based.

Michael: A deep thinker who knows how to turn a message into a picture so that it is memorable and meaningful. Sydney based.


NilsOur founding cartographer. A designer who spends more time speaking on stage than drawing but when he does....
David: David studied graphic design at RMIT majoring in the advertising stream. He is a storyboard extraordinaire but he's even better when he's drawing live and that's why he works with us.
Sydney based.

RhysA designer who knows how to draw points fast to

ensure learning transfer.  Sydney based.

Tony: Our South African import has more years than all of us when it comes to illustration and combining it to the world of illustration. Originally an artist, then marketer, then marketing illustrator and now picture trigger illustrator for pre commissioned events. Sydney based.

RayAn architect turned artist, who's also one of our picture trigger illustrators. Sydney based.