Some of the lucky clients who've used our illustration over the years have included:





  At picture trigger our mission is simple: "To bring your brilliant conference messages to life through pictures".

In the meeting world where messages compete with information overload, time constraints and post event action Picture Trigger has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between learning, long term memory and post event action. Picture Triggers Gun artists capture the key message concepts by synthesising the visual and audio information into visual records that trigger the memory and stimulate action.

Picture Trigger is the pioneering Australian graphic recording group that provides a record of what was actually important, not just what was intended at an event. Our visual records are created in realtime in a form that is scannable, sharable and available for digital distribution on the day.

Our tried and tested system has been in practice for events as large as 3000, yet as small as 10. At your event we’ll take those messages and give them the impact that they deserve.

We provide conference & meeting  organsiers with memorable and actionable pictorial meeting snapshots that don’t cost the earth.

We’re artistic but you won’t find all of us exhibiting in a gallery, we’re graphic but you won’t find us designing your annual report, we’re quick but not a photocopier, we’re synthesizers but you won't see our summaries in  Readers Digest.